Restoring Original Steel Wheels . . . Colors?

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Restoring Original Steel Wheels . . . Colors?

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Soon I will be getting used original wheels for my '68 Imperial. They're coming from a salvage yard, so I anticipate that they will need refinished. It's simple to know what color to paint the wheels, but what color was the primer used on Imperial wheels in 1968?

Who cares, right? Well, I do. I'm a stickler for doing things correct when it's reasonable to do so.
Take a look at my Charger's unrestored original spare wheel . . .
The back side on the wheel reveals a light olive primer was used before the exposed side was painted gloss black.
This is the effect I seek when I finish painting the Imperial's wheels, if indeed the original wheels were finished similar to the Charger's. Maybe they were painted different, black on both sides; I don't know.

What do you know? Who has an unrestored original example that reveals how the '68 Imperial wheels were painted?
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Re: Restoring Original Steel Wheels . . . Colors?

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Semi gloss Black

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