What transmission do i have?

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What transmission do i have?

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Hello all,
I'm new like as of yesterday new to the Imperial Club. I just got a 1961 Imperial that has had 57 miles put on it in the last 18 years. I'm going through the process of changing all the fluids but when I research the transmission for the car that's where I start banging my head. I see read something about it having an A466 then the next page says an A488. I figure a car this old won't have a filter but most likely a screen instead but I'm looking long term as I want to keep the car stock so I know a rebuild will be in my future. I'm just rambling now so any help would be great. Thanks.

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Re: What transmission do i have?

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Welcome to the board!

While I can't answer the question of what trans the 1961 used, I can say that these transmissions are usually rebuilt for around 1000-1500. So if you can find a good reliable shop that knows the older transmissions, then it shouldn't break the bank.

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