1947 New Yorker windshield washer

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1947 New Yorker windshield washer

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I am a new owner of a 47 New Yorker trying to get minor things fixed. It has a vacuum washer bottle mounted on the firewall the vacuum hose is about 2 feet long and goes no-where. There are 2 hoses that go to button and the sprayers. I can't find a nozzle where the vacuum line might have been attached to. Any ideas?

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Re: 1947 New Yorker windshield washer

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I may be completely off here, but I thought those early models used a manual foot pedal to pump the washer fluid. I didn't think they were vacuum driven. Is there an actual washer fluid button on your dash or is there a little foot pedal tucked away under the dash near the high-beam pedal switch?

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