66 Coolant overflow tank

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66 Coolant overflow tank

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I just took my 66 out with the family and drove by a Valvoline oil change place. Thought what the heck, they should be able to handle this. They did handle the oil change well enough, but then they started to do some other stuff, like top off the coolant.

Next thing I know the guy is telling me my coolant overflow tank has a hole in it. When he fills it up, it all leaks out the bottom and was like, "you really need to get that replaced". Sure enough there was a crack in the bottom of the tank.

As he was an older guy and was just talking to me about his classic cars, I assumed he knew what he was talking about. I got home and started searching for a replacement tank and went out and took some pictures. Noticed under the tank there was a pump. Thought, that's weird, why would there be an electronic pump attached to the coolant tank. Took some close up pictures of the tank and in fine print it says, "windshield washer solvent". He was dumping coolant into the washer fluid tank.

I had forgotten to tell those guys to simply change the oil - don't touch anything else. And now I have to clean out that windshield washer pump. As with modern cars, when you visit those quick service places, tell them you just want the oil changed - no air filters, no coolant, no washer fluid - just change the oil and oil filter. At least it all leaked out through the crack. And in my defense, I've only had this car for about 6 months, and most of those months have been freezing, so haven't gotten to know it real well yet. I'm used to Fords, which do have an overflow tank. These Imperials just have a hose running down the side of the radiator dumping excess on the road.

Just a fun interesting experience I thought I'd share with you guys. :)

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Re: 66 Coolant overflow tank

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At least you didn't run your Windshield washer ! You can get universal tanks online.

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